Thursday, June 6, 2013

Update Script for TTRSS Trunk Version - Fedora

This procedure requires you first setup the TTRSS UTILS environment described in the post:  TTRSS  UTILS - Fedora Tiny Tiny RSS Utilities

To run:
  1. cd $home
  2. cd ttrss_maint/ttrss_utils
  3. sudo ./git_ttrss
This procedure does the following:
  1. Stops your web server
  2. Stops your TTRSS Update service
  3. Stops the Sphinx Indexing Service - if activated in config.php
  4. Updates TTRSS
  5. Updates the TTRSS CONTRIB Plugins
  6. Starts the web server
  7. Starts your TTRSS Update service
  8. Starts the Sphinx Indexing service - if activated in config.php
  9. Notification of Database Schema change - which will also require you manually start your TTRSS Update and Sphinx Services
  10. Automatic config.php update if config.php_dist changes.  The previous copy of config.php will be retained for 14 days
  11. Creation of activity log file which will be deleted after 14 days
First you'll want to review:
How To Use Trunk Version?

You will need to have cloned TTRSS:
  1. cd $WEB_ROOT
  2. sudo git clone $TTRSS_DIR
 You will need to have cloned TTRSS_CONTRIB:
  1. cd $home
  2. cd ttrss_maint
  3. git clone ttrss_contrib
If a database schema change is detected you will receive a notification message that you will be prompted to make the update when you attempt to login to TTRSS.  After you complete the schema update you will need to:

Rebuild your Sphinx full-text index (if you are using Sphinx):
./bin/indexer --all

Then manually start your update and Sphinx services: 
systemctl start TTRSS_UPDATE_SERVICE.service
systemctl start SPHINX_SERVICE.service (If using Sphinx)

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